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24/7 Fast Delivery

Our amazing delivery team is always ready to deliver any order in under 15 minutes at any time or day of the week!

Authentic Items

Live Support

Got a question? Click on the chat bubble to start a live chat with the delivery team and get an answer in only a few seconds.

Good Prices

Best Prices

We offer the most competitive prices and deals here at Redd's Market. Check out our social media accounts for discount codes!

How Redd's Market Works

1) Register a Redd's Market Account (Recommended)

Accounts allow you to manage orders, update your Dodo Code if it changes, and provide us with better means to contact you in case there is a problem reaching your island.

2) Open Your Island Gates

In-game navigate to your airport and speak with Orville. Select the following dialogue prompts:

"I want visitors" β†’ "Via online play" β†’ "Roger!" β†’ "Invite via Dodo Codeβ„’" β†’ "The more the merrier!" β†’ "Yeah, invite anyone"

You will receive a 5 character Dodo Code. Write it down. If you forgot it you can always go back to the airport and ask Orville.

3) Checkout Items You Wish to Have Delivered

Choose from a large catalogue of items and sets here at Nookmart. Please note that each delivery can consist of up to 240 individual items (may require multiple trips). If you wish to have more items delivered you can do so in a new delivery.

4) Expect One of Our Delivery Staff in 15 Minutes

You can meet our delivery staff on the deck of the airport, but it is not required. If you are not present, our staff will drop the items in neat stacks outside of the airport, and then leave. If there are any problems with the order contact us as soon as possible. You are free to close your gates after all items have been delivered and our staff have made their final trip. For large orders (40+ items) staff will make multiple trips. Expect an additional 15 minute delay for every additional 40 items. Enjoy your new things!

Still got questions? Check out our FAQ.