Frequenty Asked Questions

1. How do I purchase a villager from Redd's Market?

The first step is to make sure you have an open plot on your island for the villager to move in from the Redd's Market staff's island. Don't know if you have an open plot? Read through this guide to kick a villager out or have them move out to create an empty plot on your island: Villager Moveout Guide. Once this step is complete order a villager through our website. You will receive an email with a Dodo Code to an island. Fly to the island to meet one of the Redd's Market staff, where you will be directed to the villager you ordered. Speak with the villager inside the house that our member of staff will guide you to. All you have to do once your inside their house is talk to the villager to invite them to your island!

1. Make sure you have an open plot for a new villager on your island.

2. Make sure you have 6 or more villagers already on your island.

3. Purchase the villager you want through Redd's Market.

4. Travel to our island using the Dodo Code we provide you via email.

5. Follow our staff to the villager's house, where you will speak to them and invite them to your island.

6. Ask the villager to "Come live on my island!".

7. Leave the island through the airport.